The music

Jakob Beglinger is a composer who is passionately devoted to his music. He is fascinated by rhythm and is in love with the limitless possibilities of the ways in which sounds can be made to combine. These tendencies emerge in a music that multitasks by being, alternatively, or even simultaneously,  touching, terpsichorean and thematically eclectic, yet always brimming with a vivacious variety and vitality. And we might even add here a succession of paragraphs outlining the rich use he has made of indigineous or folkloric styles from the far ends of the earth…

Jakob Beglinger creates musical images, as is, “Green Fields“, where he attempts to express the unique greenness of an irish landscape in the work itself.

On the other hand, the tarantelle, “Bella Italia“, displays how vital the rhythmic element is in his work. The song was composed as a form of reminiscing about Jakob’s long sojourn in Italy.       By means of a non-canonical use of parallel fifths (even sequence-disrupting at one point!)     he evokes events, such as a jolly dance in a village fair, which feelingly embody “Italianità“.

“Präludium“ was written for a golden wedding anniversary and exhibits the composer’s truly refined sensibility.

Tapping into impressive creative powers and poetic intuition Jakob Beglinger has evolved a markedly distinctive and alluring style of composition.

He calls this magical totality BeglingerPhonie.