The musicians

Jakob Beglinger
Composer and guitarist

Born in 1954 

Jakob attended his first guitar lessons at the age of twelve. Before starting his musical education at St. Gallen School of Jazz, where he completed his primary degree in music, he had already earned qualifications in two different disciplines. Later, he studied classical music at the Pedagogical Musical Institution of Switzerland. In the following ten years, he was employed as a guitar teacher in various schools of music and was instrumental in the setting up of several musical ensembles.

He lived in Italy from 1990 to1997 and troughout this time composed ensemble music.    Having returned to Switzerland, he founded the BeglingerEnsemble which was dedicated exclusively to the public performance of Jakob’s music.

In 2011 he founded the BeglingerPhonie.

The composer lives with his wife, Antonia, in Lengnau (AG).

Antonia Christen Beglinger

Born in 1957 

She started taking violin lessons at the age of eleven. As an extra-mural student of Paula Grilz at the Conservatory of Zurich, she spent many years refining her musical abilities and worked at mastering a wide range of styles. For a long time she played chamber music with her brother, who accompanied her on the piano.

She is married to Jakob Beglinger.


Anna Gordos
(German) flute

Born in 1982

At the age of ten she attended her first music lesson at the Music Academy in Basle and soon began playing with the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Anna apart from beeing intensely drawn to music, was also involved in dancing and theater.  For a number of years she was engaged with the Basel Youth Theater, under stage director Sebastian Nübling.

In 2007 she became as a professor at the Zurich School of Art under the direction of Professor Matthias Ziegler. She became active in various music projects. In 2010 she finished her studies with Gilles Burgos at the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique et de Danse in Evry (France).  Currently, she is deeply involved in chamber music recitals.

Anna Gordos teaches flute on a freelance basis.

In July 2013 she joined BeglingerPhonie.

Salome Egloff

Born in 1989

Salome was eight years of age when she attended her first accordion lesson. Throughout her time in school she was a pupil of Irene Bhend-Kaufmann.

After secondary school matriculation she studied history, history of art and latin                         at Zurich University.

Apart from studying, she pursued her musical interests, performing with such combinations as the Egloff accordion orchestra in Wettingen (AG), where she also played piano and the clarinet.

She later completed a course in conducting which would prove useful when sie became             a conductor of school accordion orchestras. 

She lives in Wettingen.

Gurgen Kakoyan

Born  1983 in Eriwan (Armenia)

He started taking clarinet lessons at Eriwan School of Music at the age of eleven.

Gurgen, in the very early months of his musical education, had a deep sense that he wanted to became a professional clarinettist.

From 1999-2004, he studied with Professor Levon Brutyan at the Eriwan Conservatory.

During his studies he became a second clarinettist before progressing to solo at                       Eriwan Opera House.

He moved to Zurich in 2007 to study with Professor Elmar Schmid.

Having completed a degree in concert performance at the Zurich School of Art. Gurgen went to finish a teaching qualification.

He is also skilled in the repairing of clarinets.

Gurgen lives in Zurich and enjoys  playing music, no matter the form, be it classical or folklore.